Personal Color Analysis Review

By Cait De Leon
August 1, 2023

Hi gals! I saw a lot of us are interested with seasonal color analysis these days, especially as it is trending in social media. I decided to bite the bullet today, and hope my experience can help shape your expectations on what to expect for a session.

DISCLAIMER: I can only answer about my experience. I cannot answer questions related to color analysis itself. Again, it’s best to consult a professional and YMMV. I will not post a picture for privacy reasons (but I am fair, blue-veined, dark-haired, and I have thick dark eyebrows for reference).
First things first, the service is not cheap (Php5k) but you will realize that this is really a professional expertise. You pay for the consultant’s skilled eye, tools, lights, and knowledge (which one get from being certified). I also treated it as an investment. Second, come in without makeup and jewelry so the consultant can see your natural colouring and features. If you have coloured hair, whitened teeth, and coloured contacts—it’s best to disclose to the consultant. Your hair will either way be hidden with a white bandana. Third and most important, what worked for me might not work for you. Color analysis would really vary base on not only your undertone (warm or cool), but it also takes into account the contrast (light or dark) and intensity of your features (muted or bright). Best to do a little reading.
Check this site for a great guide:
Starting with my consultant, Ms. Ginny Villegas. I appreciate that Ms. Ginny talked to me first on my goals and my lifestyle. In that way, we got to build camaraderie early on. She was very receptive to my questions as well (which is why I did research beforehand para sulit bayad). She also allows you to take pictures and videos. For the experience itself, you will start with the metallics (dark silver, silver, gold, dark gold) to check your undertone. We saw dark silver was best for me but gold was also okay-ish because I had yellowish teeth. This gave us a lead that I’m most likely cool. She then proceeded for more undertone indicators to check for my response to cool colors. We saw that cool colors (silver, blue-red, navy blue, fuschia) looked best on me. She then proceeded for seasonal indicators (a round of colors from different seasons). We found that dark winter was my best season given I have high contrast and I have a cool undertone. After that she showed me a flag of my colors that were a bit in flow to Autumn. And then we just capped off the session by taking picture of the swatches. I also asked her on jewelry, my makeup products and possible hair color (since I’m dark haired already, I don’t need to change na pala). Lol I found out my eyeshadow and lipstick were too warm for me.
The session overall was very insightful. It helped me connect the dots as to why I had some horrible dye jobs (copper cellophane was a big No for me) and why I sometimes looked muddy in earthy colors (mustard was a big No). There might be resistance at first. I had to accept not all pastels were okay for me (peach, corals, orange based). With this new knowledge in hand, I have a better idea now how I can use value to make flattering outfits and to make my natural intensity shine with makeup. TLDR of my session: Flair Image Consultancy Site (w/ contact details): Location: Astoria Plaza, Pasig City


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